San Diego Canna Business  and Criminal Defense

E. Wicker Law Office handles all types of marijuana cases, both business and criminal defense. If you are considering starting a medical marijuanacannabibusiness business or are currently operating a canna business, it is imperative to know your rights and to follow the law closely. California medical marijuana laws allow for the legal sales of medical marijuana and related products under certain tightly controlled conditions.

Canna Business Law

The main emphasis of E. Wicker Law Office is forming new Canna Business ventures. California law has required that medical marijuana businesses operate strictly on a non profit basis. But new medical marijuana regulations will allow medical marijuana businesses to be for profit. This begins a new era for medical marijuana business.

The standard business model is a non profit mutual benefit corporation. But an additional corporation, usually an LLC, may be formed to provide management services for the non profit in limited and appropriate circumstances. The LLC may hold intellectual property rights that in turn may be licensed to the non profit. These ways, among others, legally provide for additional revenue streams from the non profit to the LLC in full compliance with California law. The LLC may also be used to attract angel or investor capital. The investor may then be given an ownership interest in the LLC and a secure means to recoup their investment.

Marijuana Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Legal Services

E. Wicker Law Office continues to provide criminal defense representation for felony and misdemeanor cases. Mr. Wicker has been a criminal defense attorney for over thirty (30) years. He has always been a defender of your rights, never working as a prosecutor or for the police.

Possession, growing and/or distribution of marijuana remains a federal crime. Federal law does not recognize State medical marijuana law as a defense. My legal representation at no time provides any advice of how to circumvent federal law. The sole purpose of my legal representation in medical marijuana cases is to provide advice and services in compliance with California State law. Sales of marijuana outside of the protection of California medical marijuana statutes may result in a felony. Despite increasing public opinion favoring legalization of cannabis, any violation of the laws prohibiting marijuana may result in serious consequences and criminal charges.

E. Wicker Law Office has the expertise to guide your canna business. E. Wicker Law office is fully prepared to protect your business and defend your freedom. Inquiries are welcome. Call 760 735-6100 for a free case evaluation.