San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with a felony crime in California is a very serious matter. It is essential to immediately contact an experienced defense attorney to assist you. Law enforcement and the prosecution team are working hard to convict you of the charges. In order to obtain the best results you need a skilled legal team on your side. E. Wicker Law Office is ready to protect your rights with a team of legal professionals.

E. Wicker Law Office has a successful history defending many types of misdemeanors and felonies. Some of the types of criminal cases that the firm can assist you with include:

Drug and Marijuana Cases

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) or Drugs (DUID)

Felony Crimes/Misdemeanor Crimes

Marijuana Crimes

Parole Consideration Hearing for Lifer Inmates

Parole/Probation Violations

Police Misconduct

Call today to discuss the details of your case with an attorney in a free case evaluation. Critical steps to be reviewed are how the police gathered evidence and the legal basis for any search warrant. Significant errors made by the police may be grounds for a dismissal. All the options will be discussed so that you understand the pros and cons of taking the case the trial or considering other alternatives such as drug diversion programs, Prop 36 or PC 1000.