Cannabis Business Services

E. Wicker Law Office provides complete business services for delivery services, growers and storefront medical marijuana corporations. In addition tocannabibusiness providing initial set up for nonprofit mutual benefit corporations, our goal is that your business continues to be successful. After the corporation is filed and operating, it is essential to stay in compliance with all mandatory legal requirements. This is especially true as the law changes in the evolving world of marijuana legalization.

Corporate counsel services are available on an as needed basis so that you do not need to hire full time corporate counsel. E. Wicker Law Office is part of an established network of attorneys, accountants and other business professionals who have the skills and experience to handle any future legal problem.

Learn your rights before you start any type of cannabis business. Contact us for a free case evaluation. Member of ASA, NORML Legal Committee and San Diego NORML
(760) 735-6100

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