Cannabis Business Attorney

It is essential to know your rights before you start any type of cannabis business. Wicker Law Group provides legal representation for all types of cannabis businesses. We have represented patients, cultivators, storefronts, delivery services, manufacturers, distributors and testing labs. Representation is available for entrepreneurs in emerging cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses. Whether you are contemplating a new business venture or are currently operating a cannabis business, Wicker Law Group is ready to assist.

Medical Marijuana Collectives

Medical marijuana collectives begin in California in 1996. Until January of 2018 there were no State licenses available for these collectives. Collectives were subject to vague laws that led to increased risk of law enforcement action. Now all commercial cannabis businesses must be licensed by the State of California.

An objective of Wicker Law Group is to assist collectives currently in operation to transition to compliance with the new laws. There is increased law enforcement activity directed against cannabis businesses that are out of compliance. It is essential that all cannabis businesses obtain the newly required local permits and State licenses.

Wicker Law Group is part of an established network of attorneys, CPAs and other professionals ready to provide assistance for your cannabis business. Call us at 760 735-6100 for a free consultation or send an email requesting more information with a list of cities where local permits may be obtained.