Medical Marijuana Business Attorney

It is essential to know your rights before you start any type of cannabis business. E. Wicker Law Office provides representation for medical marijuana business owners, patients, caregivers and growers. Legal representation is available for entrepreneurs in emerging cannabis and hemp businesses. Whether you are contemplating a new business venture or are currently operating a cannabis business, E. Wicker Law Office is ready to assist.

Medical marijuana delivery services – Medical marijuana dispensaries

Delivery services and storefront dispensaries are common ways to legally sell medical marijuana in some areas of California. There is understandable confusion resulting from the many terms referring to such businesses as cooperatives, co ops, collectives, cannabis clubs, dispensaries or marijuana clinics among many others. In order to provide some clarification of the law, then Attorney General Brown issued “Guidelines for the Security and Non-diversion Of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use” in August 2008.

These important guidelines provide that medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers may “associate within the State of California in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes…Any group that is collectively or cooperatively cultivating and distributing marijuana for medical purposes should be organized and operated in a manner that ensures the security of the crop and safeguards against diversion for non-medical purposes…A cooperative must file articles of incorporation with the state and conduct its business for the mutual benefit of its members. (Corp. Code, § 12201, 12300.)”

Medical marijuana cooperatives

“Cooperatives must follow strict rules on organization, articles, elections, and distribution of earnings, and must report individual transactions from individual members each year. Cooperatives should not purchase marijuana from, or sell to, non-members; instead, they should only provide a means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members.”

E. Wicker Law Office has expertise in setting up your medical marijuana business as a mutual benefit corporation that is in compliance with California law. In addition to providing corporate formation services such as drafting the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to your specifications, E. Wicker Law Office prepares the contracts and documents necessary for the successful operation of your business. This includes a Collective Membership Agreement, Authorization to Cultivate Marijuana, Authorization to Transport Marijuana, Employee Agreement, Membership Rules and Guidelines and Corporate Operations Manual among others.

The objective of E. Wicker Law Office is not only to set up your successful cannabis corporation, but to make sure that the business continues to be successful. After the corporation is filed and operating, it is essential to stay in compliance with all mandatory legal requirements. This is especially true as the law changes in the evolving world of marijuana legalization. Corporate legal services are available on an as needed basis so that you do not need to hire full time corporate counsel.

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